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October 2008
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I got a lovely gift from nina today!
I was so happy when I saw a package for me! It's a lovely Ruki postcard and a bag of cady. x3
I love sweets~
I'll take pictures of the postcard later!

Thank you again nina!<3

nina [userpic]

This community now has a moderated membership.

Please read all rules before joining. If you're found violating any rules, you will be banned from the community.

DO NOT share address or personal information about any other members.
The only address you are allowed to post is your own.
The only place your address can be posted is in your bio entry.

Anyone violating this rule will be permanently banned and the community may be closed to avoid further conflict. It just won't be tolerated...

To join the community:
1. Send a request to join
2. Wait for your membership to be approved, please DO NOT click "join community" more than once
3. Please make sure you have your parents' permission to share your address if you are under 18
4. Once you membership has been approved please post your "new member bio"
5. As a member it is your responsibility to keep your address up to date

please note: This IS mainly a gazette community so if you don't really care for/like the band then this comm might not be the one for you. You have a greater chance of membership approval if you journal entries or profile reflect your fondness for the band. If you have any questions at all you may PM me or email me at hongkongglue@hotmail.com

nina [userpic]

hi everyone, i'm nina and the mod here *waves*
i've never created an LJ com so sorry if i seem a little n00bish.
i love mail and gazette and i cannot wait to start swapping.

please feel free to ask any questions you might have

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